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Website Design

Your website needs to look sharp, reinforce your brand promise and engage your audience. Who you choose to plan, deliver and optimise your new website is therefore one of the most important decisions for the success of your business...

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Attract more visitors

Generate leads 

Drive more sales

Engage your audience


Works seamlessly on desktop & mobile

Generates measurable ROI

Is SEO friendly

Reflects your brand identity

Makes a memorable first impression

With a website that:

We can help you to:

Mobile Optimused Websites

This means creating engaging and inspiring websites that your customers and search engines will love, and at a very affordable rate.

Functionalities include:


Online booking systems

Events & ticketing


Member Portals

Subscription Services

Loyalty Schemes

Countdowns & Site Counters


Virtual Tours

And, More

Expert Website Design For Desktop & Mobile

Kimberley Ward, Creative Director & Founder of Kode

Why our clients save £100s on development costs:


Hosting your site on platforms such as Wix or Squarespace allows us to eliminate hours of complex coding time and allows you to inexpensively reap the rewards of a number of integrated features. Reduced time coding also means more time to  finesse the look and feel of your site, as well as adhering to tighter deadlines and faster turnaround times, at no extra cost.


Ready-made templates? No thank-you...


Our experienced team of designers understand that each website should be a reflection of its own brand identity and that its needs and goals are unique to your business. This means that we do not use ready-made templates and that each site is built from scratch to deliver high-quality results: not only exceeding expectations, but also aligning perfectly with your business objectives.


...Giving you more time to do what you do best, and get back to running your business!

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The Design Process

Getting to Know You!


We love to listen! Our first step is to get to know you and your business so we have a clear understanding of your audience and objectives. This is your chance to tell us what you are looking for - Does your website require any special features? Or are you looking for a simple, static site?


These jargon-free catch-ups ensure we get off to the best possible start and means we can agree on a sensible cost and timeline for launching your new website.

Creative Direction & Development


Once your new website starts to take shape you will be provided with a web link to see the progress we are making in real-time. We will present an initial working homepage and then work with you to establish design direction for the rest of the site. This includes key elements such as layout, colour palette, font and image styles.


Perfection is our strong point, so we include 2-3 rounds of amends as well as sharing an online project plan where you can list requested changes as we move through the project.


Of course, we will also be in contact by phone and/or video call to show you our progress, listen to your feedback and put your mind at rest.

Launching Your New Website


Once you are 100% happy with the design of your new website, it’s time to start promoting it! Not only will we run it through our launch checklist, including syncing your social media networks, making your site visible on Google and setting up visitor analytics, but we will also provide you with a one hour on-boarding session to show you how easy your new site is to update.


We also make an effort to check-in with our clients shortly after the launch as well as offering monthly maintenance packages so we will always be on hand if you need us.


Amplify the launch of your new website with our NEW Website Launch Kit! Includes: branded email announcement to your customers, social media posts with supporting videos, graphics and more.

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The website Kimberley designed for my personal training business was outstanding. After I gave a brief overview of what I wanted including, I was really impressed with the constant flow of communication and professional suggestions that were made to improve the customer journey and user experience throughout. Her attention to detail and quality of the site was exceptional.


The training session at the end of the process was also great, I learned how easy it was to edit the site and solutions were proposed, should any problems arise. Kimberley has also been checking in on our progress and provided some expert tips since launching too. All in all this has been a great experience and a pleasure to have worked with Kode.

- Liam Senior, Founder of Senior Performance Training

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